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Entertainment is a vital part of any event or celebration , The rock events company is a leading entertainment company in the UAE , we provide an end-to-end solution for latest Technology entertainment , Roaming and performers entertainment as well as managing a wide range of live and stage shows.Our investment in the technology entertainment area picked us out of the crowds for many years, providing a cutting edge entertainment from the first hand owner. Contact us now for a free quote.

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You're Welcome , The Rock Events Manage Top shows and acts . Please get in touch with us.

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Extremely talented and professional Team , Unmatched performances. Recommended.

"We trusted the Rock Events team on our Annual gathering , They provided us with the most engaged roaming and digital shows along with the overall gathering. It was the best annual gathering in years . Very reliable team "

"Hired a stage opening show and a stage closing show and very satisfied with the response and engagement . Will work with them again"

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We received wonderful service on the day of our event, but also support and guidance throughout our preparation and planning. Lead event organizer “Faris” was available 24/7 for any questions or concerns, and always handled everything with ease and confidence. Faris possess great skill and professionalism, and his organization skills and calming presence were very much appreciated to keep our anxieties at bay. He was invaluable on the event day as well, he worked with all of the vendors, the set up was gorgeous, and ensured everything was perfect! He ensured on our anniversary celebration day we felt no stress and didn’t have to deal with any problems
Lubna ~ Chief Operation Officer

Our wedding could not go any better , right from the moment we met our wedding planner “Ermina”, we knew we will be working with her right after the first meeting . She is extremely professional and answered all the questions that were crossing my mind day and night and made my life much much more easy and the direction and theme very clear . She became a friend rather than anything else and spent the whole night with us ensuring a successful wedding .

Luciana Bride ~ 2018

We're glad we choose The Rock Events team for our Annual International Day in Dubai University and we are very happy with their performance , response , schedules and prices . Our wing won the best wing across all participating countries . Thank you team for your support .

Hala ~ Emirati Club | Dubai University

Wonderful Team , Wonderful Result . Looking forward for our next project together.

Lucas ~ International Health Provider

Reliable , Professionals , Honest , Friendly and always ready.

Rakesh ~ Marketing Director | Pharmaceutical Industry 

Glad to work with them , Our staff day was on fire all night , games and activities are very engaging . Highly Recommended.
Managing Director ~ Insurance Company

We were dealing with a stand builder and satisfied , until The rock events came for a meeting and everything then dramatically changed . They advised us on the best practices for the stand building , the stand design , Facility permissions , Transportation , rigging points cost … etc. We were not aware of many of these hidden cost . They offered us their design and it was something way above our expectations , they built us something as if they have been working for 20 years with our products , they created a journey on the stand with a very unique twist. The team is very responsive , always going the extra mile , whenever you need them you will find them . The only good thing about our previous stand builder is that they are a little bit cheaper , but I am more than happy to pay the difference for such a quality and response .
Moe ~ Business Development Manager | Physical Security Company

We first spoke to The Rock Events to enquire the Magic Mirror for our event in Abu Dhabi . They gave us a price but it was high for us , a couple of days later they called us back to offer it for free after knowing the cause of the event. If there is some more companies like this , life would be better. Thank you
Fatinah ~ Founder Non Profit Organization

As a technology company, I was first very hesitant to use any entertainment on our stand through the GITEX show as we were very unclear on how would our prospects and guests react. The Rock Events team showed up and pitched their entertainment portfolio and we were very much impressed with their Magic Mirror , it was a quite interesting technology so we took the initiative and hired it for our show in GITEX. Honestly , This was the best decision ever made , Top customers were queuing , our booth was the busiest among all our competitors , our sales teams were extremely engaged casually with customers and prospects and Oh , Our customers were leaving our booth with a smile and a branded printed pictures of their own with our logo and products on it making it the most precious giveaway and for us we know that this giveaway is the only giveaway to stay forever right on his desk . The Rock Company , Rocks 
Nandini VP Sales ~ Technology Distributor

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